A Question to Ponder

In my classroom I have small group work time four days a week. I spend 30 minutes with a small group during each of those sessions. For two days of the week I work with the same group. The other two days they work alone. We had been reading together a short Tall tale at their level. I must point out that it was at their fluency level. However the content and language of the text required some scaffolding. Particularly because this group of students are English learners. The story had hyperbole and simile, as well as a plot that began at the end and took you in a complete circle. With that said, we read the text together. We discussed what was happening at the end of each major section. we discussed the meanings of the figurative language and talked about the traits of the character. We worked with the story together for about 4 sessions. In the session where they were to work alone they had to answer some comprehension questions about the text in short sentences. One question asked them to respond to a question that could be answered by reading a sentence on the first page. One student in the group responded to the question by describing the scene in the picture on the first page. The picture had nothing to do with the actual text on the page. So during the share out of answers we discussed the discrepancy to the picture and the actual text. We also talked about how pictures enhance the text, but may not reflect the entire story. We also talked about how important it is to check the actual words. Even though by the end of the discussion the student understood why the answer was incorrect, I still wonder what this tells me about her reading ability. Especially since I know she could read the page and that we had already discussed it.

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