Teacher Inquiry

Teacher Inquiry

Inquiry for me is the vehicle that drives my teaching practice forward. Through the inquiry process I am always engaged in reflecting, questioning, analyzing and evaluating my practice in systematic and documentable ways. The body of knowledge I have gained through studying my own practice has helped me to develop a strong professional voice and make informed decisions about teaching my students well.

Mills Teacher Scholars

Since receiving my Master’s degree in 2008 at Mills College of Oakland, CA, I have been developing as a teacher researcher through the Mills Teacher Scholars Inquiry group.  For the scholars group teacher inquiry is as follows:

  • Teachers define their own questions
  • Teachers take time with other teachers to deeply consider their students’ learning
  • Teachers question their own assumptions about teaching and learning
  • Teachers share new understandings with a broader audience
  • For the last 3 years I have engaged in an inquiry around a problem of practice. The links below provide details from each of those inquiry projects including there implications on my practice and ideas for further study.

    Media and Student Voice

    Peer Conferencing

    Conferencing That Drives Revision

    Science and Writing

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    1. I would love to get to the stage when I can have a website! Yours is informative and engaging! I hope to read a lot of your work at my leisure!

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